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Our OEM remanufactured engines include:

  • New pistons, rings, timing components, freeze plugs, gasket sets, valve guides, lifters, oil pumps, rod bearings, main bearings and cam bearings

  • Crankshafts are reground, polished, and oil holes chamfered to rigid specifications

  • Connecting rods are checked for bend or twist, resized and honed to O.E.M. specifications

  • Valve seats are 3-angle cut for optimum sealing

  • All new .003" oversize valves for new valve and guide surfaces

  • Blocks are shot blast cleaned and magnafluxed to assure unseen cracks do not cause premature failure

  • Block deck and cylinder heads are resurfaced to assure proper sealing -- All blocks are Line honed

  • Engines are 100% functionally tested

  • New cams are used on flat tappet OHV applications

  • Fel-Pro is our primary gasket supplier

Our engines feature parts from these fine companies...

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